Security Notification

May 22, 2019

Upon becoming aware of the concerns raised by the Economic Times of India, we immediately initiated a thorough investigation. We have concluded that there was no security breach of our systems and that no financial/payment information or passwords have been compromised.

The categories of data presented to us by the Economic Times correspond to data fields that our users make available for search in our app.  The majority of the data that we analyzed did not match our systems. We believe that it is possible that some malicious users have been abusing their Truecaller account in contravention of our Terms of Service to collect phone numbers. We put strict search limits and other precautionary security measures in place to prevent and minimize such abuse. If we identify any third party that is responsible, we will not hesitate to take such action as may be necessary to enforce and protect the rights of our users and Truecaller.

We would like to emphasize that this was not an attack on our database. Data stored on our servers is highly secure and we confirm that no security incident took place. We take the privacy and security of the personal information of our users and the integrity of our services very seriously. As we investigate, we will continuously implement new protocols to prevent any future attempts.

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