NITDA Privacy clarification

We would like to assure our users in Nigeria and globally that users’ privacy is of utmost importance to Truecaller. We are in the process of reviewing the comments made by NITDA and will give more information on it very soon.

In the meantime it’s important for us to clarify our view of our users privacy:

1. Truecaller Permission-Based Approach
The world of communication is getting more complex, but we make your communication more safe and efficient. We make sure users understand what permissions are needed to make Truecaller work how they want.

Some permissions are needed to make core features of the app work which are listed here. Users are always told what the Truecaller app requires to function best for them. They can also choose to provide some optional permissions depending on which features they use (such as location, camera and microphone). They can always deactivate these permissions at any time. Read more about which permissions are used to make Truecaller work, and why.

In order for users to continue using our app for free, we work with advertising partners such as Google and provide trusted partners with caller ID services.

2. Users control how you are seen on Truecaller

As users use Truecaller, they have the power to control and protect how their personal information is displayed for others in the community. If there is any reason they do not want their profile to be on Truecaller, it’s easy from Truecaller’s website.

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